K inventory : your online inventory and stock management solution.

K inventory is a simple and quick solution that allows companies of all sizes to transform their inventories into a true value creation tool.

The K inventory stock and inventory management application

An Inventory Management Software to track your materials in real time

  • Access your material quantities and locations in a flash.

  • Generate on-demand reports.

  • View dashboards adapted and personalized.

  • Collect field information from your connected objects.

Inventory and stock dashboard
Laptop with dashboards

Simplify the management of your inventories and stocks

  • Inventory simply by scanning your items via QR code, barcode or RFID technologies.

  • Track your inventory levels with personalized and automatic alerts.

  • Access all the information related to your inventories from your computer or mobile.

  • Quickly find an item quickly by tags, photo or QRcode.

Scan notification
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Manage the feedback from each member of your teams

  • Manage multiple types of interventions in one stock management software

  • Assign tasks on stock operations: inventory, movement, order reception or stock removal

  • Assign tasks on non-stock operations: installation or de-installation of equipment

  • With the mobile app, feedback is immediate !

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Precise configuration of access rights and folder permissions

  • Customize each user profile

  • Manage access by warehouse, by stock location, by file...

  • Manage access to the dashboard and graphs

  • Configure administrator rights (to manage rights, create keywords, reservations, interventions, references...)

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Stock management software to suit your image

  • Multi-site management: city, building, warehouse, department, floor or cabinet

  • Customisation of your interface: keywords, custom fields, categories...

  • Access management

  • Do you have your inventory in Excel or other formats? Import your spreadsheets easily

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Why choose K inventory?

An instant start

Inventory and track your field teams' inventory work in no time thanks to our intuitive interface.

An agile solution

Use our solution in SAAS mode to benefit from maximum agility on a daily basis and interface it with our API module at your convenience !

Guaranteed reliability

Our solution is built and maintained according to the rules of the art of cybersecurity and in accordance with the rules of confidentiality and data protection. The availability rate is 99.9% thanks to our Cloud architecture.

Accessible on any type of device

In connected or disconnected mode, on desktop, tablet or smartphone, the solution is available for any type of user. (technician, admin...)

Reviews from our satisfied customers

Ludovic - Deputy Data Center Manager
For our structure, the contribution of K inventory can be translated by the word: Flexibility, flexibility to adapt the solution to our specificities, flexibility to share data.
Kamel - Deputy Workplace Services Manager
With K inventory we manage our stock consumption flows, value our stock and follow the entire life cycle of the equipment. While having the ability to produce reporting, consume and disseminate it. We are now able to better manage our spending on a daily basis.
Yoni - Data Center Inventory Manager
Since the introduction of K inventory in our stocks, we have become more efficient and have optimised the traceability of our equipment as well as the timeliness of our operations on a daily basis.
Christophe - Application Domain Manager
K inventory meets the equipment traceability challenges. It is a simple, modular tool capable of reporting.

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