Dedicated medical and paramedical software

The K inventory stock management software supports laboratories, clinics and even hospitals in the management of, namely their equipment, medical products, and consumables. Your teams therefore gain visibility and efficiency.

Laboratory stock management

Optimized management of consumables and medical equipment with K inventory

Thanks to K inventory, your teams will be able to
  • Maintain the optimal level of consumables and medical equipment
  • Ensure complete traceability of medical equipment, from consumables to more complex devices
  • Adopt eco-responsible stock management practices. K inventory helps reduce waste for your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals
  • Access real-time information on available stocks
Medical alert notification

Simplified management of medical and paramedical equipment

Our stock and inventory management software will simplify the day-to-day management of your stocks and inventories. It offers the following features:
Inventory of medical equipment in your stock on K inventory
  • Consolidate all data related to medical and paramedical equipment in one place
  • Easily assign equipment to specific staff members or departments
  • Schedule alerts and reminders for equipment maintenance
  • Optimize traceability using contactless technologies (barcode, QR Code, RFID) and IoT.

Advanced customization for precise and efficient stock management

Thanks to customizable features, that meet the specific needs of your environment, K inventory allows total adaptability for complete control of your inventory management.
  • Manage consumables with customizable fields
  • Accurately track multiple sites
  • Implementation of configurable dashboards to monitor activities
  • Report of data in real time from the mobile application
  • Track the status of material orders
Research laboratory dashboard
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