K inventory, more than an inventory management system

The idea of K inventory was born during a data center move. At that time, our company was confronted with an issue of IT equipment traceability. After 7 years of research and development, our company rolled out its software suite K inventory to key account customers, such as Société Générale and BNP Paribas.

Productivity gain

The solution makes it possible to improve equipment and stock visibility: facilitating equipment reallocation, reducing dormant stocks and enabling better anticipation of their maintenance. The company's productivity is thus improved and management simplified by our functional and practical tool, which also saves valuable time on time-consuming tasks. To see more features, go to the following page: features
Stock management chart K inventory

Save money with up-to-date inventory

All of these benefits lead to more responsible purchases and limit companies’ carbon footprint. You can also calculate the savings that can be made with K inventory thanks to our Calculator !

Manage your materials and products responsibly

Our solution helps improve equipements traceability (computer, furniture, PPE, tools, etc.) and enhance life cycle management. Indeed, a crystal clear view of assets optimizes their use within the organization thus limiting the waste linked to the loss of equipment.

K inventory: 100% French software

K inventory is a French and digital solution for managing equipment and inventory to fight against the waste of resources. Thanks to our referencing in the “UGAP via SCC” software catalog, we can work with the entirety of the French public sector: public authorities and institutions, public establishments, administrative office, etc. without having to go through invitations to tender.
Mobile inventory and stock management application K inventory

A simple and ergonomic solution for all sectors!

K Inventory, through platform customisation, is adaptable to all sectors! Our solution is constant development in order to facilitate your inventories and stock management, and you obviously benefit from these updates in your offer. To keep an eye on the latest versions/functionalities, consult the following link: latest versions of K inventory
With our inventory and fleet management software, you can easily make :
  • IT equipment inventory
  • museum inventory
  • assets inventory (building, furniture, tools, etc.)
  • laboratory inventory
  • hospital and clinic inventory
  • convention center inventory
  • event inventory
  • administrative office inventory
  • ......
Discover K inventory's online inventory solution in video: