Dedicated IT asset management software

Track your IT equipment with K inventory to gain visibility! By supervising hardware with contactless technologies (barcode, QR Code, RFID), anticipate maintenance and rotation of your IT equipment.

Scanner, QR code, barcode mobile

The best features for managing your IT equipment

With our IT inventory management software, you can:
  • Know exactly the number of available equipment
  • Assign equipment to your employees and keep track of it
  • Know the location of IT equipment
  • Track the lifecycle of your IT equipment: maintenance, repair, recycling...
Inventaire informatique

Simplified physical management of IT equipment

By using our K inventory software, you optimize the management of proximity gestures and improve the traceability of your goods. You will also be able to make more sensible purchases, depending on the actually available stocks. IT inventory is now simpler and easier, you will be able to:
Entrée / sortie de stock
  • Save time during inventories by scanning barcodes with a handheld scanner or the K inventory mobile app on a tablet or smartphone
  • Make data reports from local managers more reliable
  • Quickly identify the equipment allocated to a collaborator
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Ludovic - Deputy Data Center Manager
For our structure, the contribution of K inventory can be translated by the word: Flexibility, flexibility to adapt the solution to our specificities, flexibility to share data.
Kamel - Deputy Workplace Services Manager
With K inventory we manage our stock consumption flows, value our stock and follow the entire life cycle of the equipment. While having the ability to produce reporting, consume and disseminate it. We are now able to better manage our spending on a daily basis.
Yoni - Data Center Inventory Manager
Since the introduction of K inventory in our stocks, we have become more efficient and have optimised the traceability of our equipment as well as the timeliness of our operations on a daily basis.
Christophe - Application Domain Manager
K inventory meets the equipment traceability challenges. It is a simple, modular tool capable of reporting.