Dedicated public administration software

Your public authority must be able to organize itself as efficiently as possible in order to fully respond to the demands and daily missions of stock and inventory management. K inventory offers much better management of your equipment to allow you to save both time and budget.

 gestion de stock pour institution publique

Simplified stock management for communities and the public sector

With our K inventory stock management software, make responsible purchases thanks to features that will allow you to:
  • Know exactly the equipment available in your infrastructures
  • Be alerted as soon as a product reaches a threshold
  • Track your equipment to keep an up-to-date inventory
  • ✓Schedule alerts for maintenance deadlines
écran inventaire espace vert

Stock and inventory management software suitable for all technical services

écran inventaire fournitures
Versatile and customizable, our inventory software responds to different contexts such as management of real estate assets, management of technical services, management of IT services, management of green spaces, management of equipment, and management of furniture. K inventory namely allows you to:
  • Count the exact number of large tools
  • Easily update the product sheet if the tool has a problem or is under maintenance
  • Assign machines to locations or agents to be able to find them more easily
  • A problem with a bench or public lighting? take a picture of it and put it on the sheet

Stock and inventory management of your IT service controlled in real time

Managing an IT fleet can lead to equipment losses; to avoid this, K inventory allows you to:
  • Monitor the life cycle of equipment to facilitate all maintenance actions (installation, updating, end of life and recycling)
  • Inventorize the IT equipment available in order to have an overall view of your IT equipment (computers, screens, data centers, printers, etc.)
  • ✓ Allocate materials to services or people to better track available resources
  • Reserve equipment for interventions or other projects
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With the implementation of the anti-waste law for a circular economy (known as the AGEC law), it is essential for public administrations to implement a responsible and sustainable management process. K inventory aligns with these objectives by helping you set up eco-responsible practices, while optimizing the management of your assets and stocks.

This approach allows you, not only to comply with regulations, but also to contribute positively to the collective sustainability effort. By adopting K inventory, you show your commitment to CSR, while guaranteeing an efficient and responsible management of your stock.

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